• Tourism board promotes Living in Portugal

    Starting this month the Portuguese Tourism Board (TP) will be showcasing some of the thousands of holiday homes that are for sale on the national market, in several other countries, after it unveiled its ‘Living in Portugal’ road-show on Monday this week.

    Even experienced Portuguese surfers couldn’t believe, and we are sure that most of you will be impressed!

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  • Berlengas Archipelago and Santana, Madeira receive UNESCO recognition for biodiversity

    Following years of socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation, Berlengas Archipelago and Santana, Madeira in Portugal have been named as two new sites that will be added to UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, becoming part of the World Network
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  • The Algarve Cup 2011

    Since 1994 the Algarve Cup, a woman’s national football tournament, has been held annually in the Algarve. Alongside the Women’s Olympic Football and the Women’s World Cup, the Algarve Cup is one of the most prestigious women’s soccer events in existence.

    The to
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  • Allgarve changes its name and targets traditional markets in 2011

    Allgarve Nations replaces the plain Allgarve, and the Tourist Board announces the intention to consolidate the region’s relationship with the UK market, traditionally its biggest supplier of tourism-related revenue. The Allgarve Nations wil
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  • European skies open but airline schedules scrambled

    About 75 percent of flights in Europe will operate on Wednesday -- some 21,000 of the 28,000 flights normally scheduled, European air traffic agency Eurocontrol said.

    Almost all of European airspace below 20,000 feet was available, with restrictions in some
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  • Oporto to boast one of Europe’s largest ‘Welcome Centres’

    A project for what will become one of Europe’s largest tourist ‘Welcome Centres’ is currently being studied and is hoped to be fully realised by the end of 2011, in Oporto’s Praça da Liberdade.

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