Allgarve changes its name and targets traditional markets in 2011

Allgarve Nations replaces the plain Allgarve, and the Tourist Board announces the intention to consolidate the region’s relationship with the UK market, traditionally its biggest supplier of tourism-related revenue. The Allgarve Nations will have the same structure as the Allgarve programme, tough the strategy for 2011 aims at boosting relationships with major markets, with Britain selected as the priority for 2011.

Augusto Miranda the Allgarve Nations coordinator explained that “The UK will be the major focus next year”, adding that contacts have been made with a view to bring, for instance, Phantom of the Opera to the Algarve as the lead singer, Sofia Escobar, is Portuguese.

Allgarve 2010 reported a global investment of 4.5ME, of which 2.5ME came from the Tourism of Portugal, 400.000 Euros from the Tourist Board, 400.000 Euros from the Tourism Association and 240.000 Euros from private investors. The Municipalities gave a contribution of 1.1ME.

On the Allgarve 2010 closing ceremony, the results of this year’s regional entertainment and culture programme were unveiled as well as and its plans for 2011. On the ceremony sidelines, Tourism State Secretary Bernardo Trindade considered that 2010 had been “very positive” and that the expectation for 2011 was that the German and British markets would recover.

Mr. Trindade also expressed the belief that the crisis could have positive effects for the Algarve as many Portuguese tourists will opt for a cheaper vacation in the south of the country.

Allgarve is 'pulse of the region'

The President of the Algarve Tourist Board (ERTA), Nuno Aires defends the programme saying that a touristic destiny without cultural and entertainment events is incomplete.

From the 4.6ME investment in the Allgarve’10, around 3ME were spent in the production of the events, which generated less revenue in 2010.

In 2008, the Allgarve returns was of 60.000Euros, that were given to charity; in 2009 the balance was of 120.000 Euros and in 2010 the profit dropped to 70.000 Euros, that Augusto Miranda imputes to the investment in street performances and in two big concerts (Anastacia and Jamie Cullum) which didn’t result in any earnings.


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