The Algarve Cup 2011

Since 1994 the Algarve Cup, a woman’s national football tournament, has been held annually in the Algarve. Alongside the Women’s Olympic Football and the Women’s World Cup, the Algarve Cup is one of the most prestigious women’s soccer events in existence.

The tournament consists of 12 of the top women’s football teams from different countries, with the top eight competing for the championship.

The title holders are currently the USA, who defeated Germany in last year’s thrilling final. This year the Algarve Cup will kick off on March 2 2011, with the final taking place on March 9 2011.

The tournament is divided into three groups. This year Japan, Finland, USA and Norway are in Group A. Group B consists of Sweden, China, Iceland and Denmark. Whilst in Group C there is Portugal, Chile, Wales and Romania, all battling it out to be crowned the Algarve Cup winners of 2011.


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Not only does this highly prestigious championship attract the world’s best women’s international football teams, but it also attracts thousands of supporters from around the world, who flock to the Algarve in March to soak up some of the local culture, cuisine, sun and of course football.

Since gaining popularity in the late 1800s when a group of Portuguese students returned from England bringing enthusiasm for football with them, the game has remained a passionate sport in Portugal.

This passion is particularly prevalent in Algarve, which, when Portugal hosted the Euro Cup in 2004, saw the construction of the Estadio Algarve between the cities of Faro and Loule.

The Algarve Cup is held at various stadiums throughout the Algarve, but since it was opened, the final always takes place in the Estadio Algarve. With a capacity of 30,305 it provides an electrifying conclusion to a highly exalted soccer tournament.

Prior to the women’s competition, there is a parallel Algarve Cup for men’s under-17 national teams, held in February each year.

There is rarely a month in the Algarve when the region is not buzzing with life and vibrancy, but in early March when the Algarve Cup is taking place, Portugal’s friendly and energetic nature reaches a spirit that only the game of football manages to achieve.

In short, is a great time to visit this picturesque, culturally-inspiring and football-fanatical destination.




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