Berlengas Archipelago and Santana, Madeira receive UNESCO recognition for biodiversity

Following years of socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation, Berlengas Archipelago and Santana, Madeira in Portugal have been named as two new sites that will be added to UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, becoming part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).

Portugal Car HireWNBR inclusion was given to the Berlengas Peninsula and Santana due to local communities being actively involved in governance and management, research, education, training and monitoring that will aid both socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation.

The Berlengas Reserve consists of three island groups home to fantastic marine life and a maritime reserve - ideal for nature lovers looking to get back to their roots. The Peninsula is located just 10 kilometres from the idyllic Portuguese city of Peniche, known for its long windy beaches, white windmills and picturesque chapels. The city is said to have inspired many renowned artists, including Maurice Boitel.

In contrast, the second destination to receive this prestigious award is Santana on the popular tourist island of Madeira. Santana is home to the first biosphere reserve in the Madeira Archipelago, an area famed for its natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. Santana is also known for its traditional homes constructed with sloping triangular rooftops and protected with straw - many are open for tourists to browse and are definitely worth visiting.

These exciting developments highlight Portugal’s commitment to sustained development, which it’s hoped will aid these two region’s tourism industry for the foreseeable future.




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