Tourism board promotes Living in Portugal

Starting this month the Portuguese Tourism Board (TP) will be showcasing some of the thousands of holiday homes that are for sale on the national market, in several other countries, after it unveiled its ‘Living in Portugal’ road-show on Monday this week.

Portugal Car Hire 2013Three Portuguese ministers gathered at the unveiling ceremony on Monday this week - Paulo Portas, Minister for the State and Foreign Affairs, Álvaro Santos Pereira, Minister for the Economy and Employment, and Miguel Macedo, Minster of Home Affairs – to lend their weight to the promotional project.

In partnership with the Portuguese Resorts Association and backed by the government, the Tourism Board will launch the road-show this month.

It will showcase between six and ten thousand potential ‘holiday home’ properties to countries including the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden and Holland.

The aim of the two-year road-show is to encourage residential tourism as well as reduce the number of available holiday homes currently on the market by promoting them to foreigners looking for a second home abroad. It also aims to pep up tourism and combat seasonality and unemployment.

An online version of the road-show (www.livinginportugal. com), is also up and running, available in several languages, containing all the necessary information relevant to living in Portugal.
Frederico Costa, the head of TP, said he hopes that at least ten percent of the properties would be sold within the next two years.

‘Living in Portugal’ entails a total investment of €828 million covering until 2015, according to the Ministry of Economy.

Álvaro Santos, Minister for Economy and Employment, said “this is a very important programme for the country because it will boost not only an area within tourism that wasn’t being made the most of, but it will also combat seasonality and unemployment as well as fomenting the financing of the economy.”

On average around 100,000 holiday homes are sold in the Mediterranean every year, but Portugal only makes up four percent of that market.

Comparatively, Spain makes up 45 percent of that market, France 25 percent and Italy 15 percent.
‘Living in Portugal’ will make its debut in London later this month.
Last year more than 20,000 foreign nationals applied for residency in Portugal, mainly citizens from the UK, Spain, Holland and Germany, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced during the ‘Living in Portugal’ unveiling ceremony.

Of the 5.6 million people who entered and left Portugal last year, 1.1 million were aged over 50.
Minister Miguel Macedo said the figures are “very significant of the importance that the tourism sector has in Portugal.”

In related news the Algarve Regional Tourist Board (ERTA) has been granted an extra €1.6 million euros on its budget for 2013, compared to last year.
This year the ERTA will have €5.8 million to spend on promoting the region within Portugal, its largest budget in five years.


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